Welcome to Patrick's Attic



For the moment this store mosty sells new parts for either pick-a-brick or parted out sets.
Bricks should be in excelent condition,however some parts may have minor scratches from sorting and storing.

For used parts these part are in ok condition however these part may show fading, playware,dents or sctraches.Also these part are personally checked by me and parts that are to badly damaged will be thrashed and therefore wont be in the store.
these part are subdivided by comments.
No comment:    nearly new good condition but may have slight playwear,scratches or fading therefore used.
Used item:        older used parts with more playwear, fading and scratches
Vintage part:    Parts from the 80's and earlier with older fades and different mold types.

To minimize waste we reuse packaging material and bag parts together.
used and new parts are always bagged seperately.
(Parts can be bagged per lot if requested in note to seller)


For shipping letters I only use bubble mailers to ensure parts do not get lost or damaged during transportation.
If for any reason there is an issue regarding your order please do not hesitate to contact me.

Minifigs will be shipped assembled unless specifically asked for in note to seller.

Thank you for your understanding.